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Trade Index CFDs at Nasdaqstockinvestmentprogram

Observe and act on price movements of various index CFDs across the world.

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With indices trading you can benefit from a group of shares as opposed to isolated stocks. Allowing exposure to an entire sector or economy with just opening one single trade.

Indices measure the performance of shares, and just as the stock market is very liquid, so are indices. Although the volatility tends to be lower given that abrupt movements of specific equities can be balanced by others within the index.

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Trade the indices you know

With classics like S&P500 and Germany 40, to more popular indices like UK100 and Spain 35, you’ll always have good variery to choose from.


The volatility experienced by indices trading depends on that experienced by the equities which form the index. Although some are more volatile than others (such as the Germany 30), generally indices are the least manipulable financial assets.

Some specific stocks have experienced differences of even a 1,000% of it’s original value overnight. With indices on the other hand, a 10% can already be considered a historical event.

Money Management

Indices do not go bankrupt or dissolve, whereas stocks can. If you hold positions on an index and some of the stocks move in the opposite direction, there will be still a large portion of the investment which will be intact.

Over time, for most indices the trend is positive in the long run. But this doesn’t prevent the index to go under in the short term, and specially during market crashes.

Benefits of Indices Trading


Understanding the Markets

Indices provide an easy way for traders to monitor the markets, for example the stock market. The movement in indices can be analysed by investors to predict future market reactions, and a tool for speculating price movements when CFD trading.


Risk Management

Manage trader risk with indices trading, as it enables a wider exposure to the market compared to individual stocks. Trading an index is unlikely to fluctuate from a few underperforming stocks, and still has the potential to rise. With CFD trading at Nasdaqstockinvestmentprogram, traders can speculate on price movement of indices, and take a position on rising and falling markets.


Effects of the Global Economy and Events

Benefit from the dynamic nature of the global economy as indices trading includes the investment of several companies. Traders can also take advantage of certain sectors that have piqued interest as a result of worldwide events.


Diverse Portfolio

Trade indices in markets that follow whole economies, or trade in sector specific indices. Traders can negate risk of investing in one type of share, as indices trading involves diversifying into several companies or industries.


Market Accessibility

Indices CFDs allows traders to speculate on the price movement of markets or sectors, without owning the underlying assets. As a result, trading can take place outside of the traditional exchange hours of the market.


Value Stability

The value of indices is more stable than that of separate shares, as the average value balances out the rise and fall of the individual prices that make up the index. With index CFDs you can also open a short position to offset any potential losses.

Why trade indices with Nasdaqstockinvestmentprogram?


Intuitive. Slick and powerful.

Proprietary trading platform designed for traders of all levels, from complete beginners to pros.



€100 minimum deposit, no commission, no hidden fees and all charges clearly displayed in your account currency.



€100 minimum deposit, no commission, no hidden fees and all charges clearly displayed in your account currency.

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    Fund your account and start trading any of the commodities available in the platform. Nasdaqstockinvestmentprogram offers a total of 10 commodities.

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