Trading financial products on margin carries a high degree of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take appropriate care to manage your risk.



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Superior Share CFD trading conditions.

Explore extensive trading opportunities all with tight spreads, no commission and a transparent pricing structure. You can trade more than 700 shares online, without the need to own the real asset.

Share CFDs allow investors to not only benefit when trading in rising markets but also when trading in falling markets, since shares can be bought or sold with contracts for difference.

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Trade the Stocks of Companies you know

With trader favourites and big-name brands like Amazon or Facebook, as well as Alibaba and Netflix to name a few, you’ll always have good options to choose from.


One of the key elements of shares trading is that the stock market enjoys a high level of liquidity. Whether you are bearish or bullish on a specific share, there is always a counterparty willing to buy or sell.

Liquidity in this sense refers to the extent at which the stock market allows assets to be sold or bought at a transparent and stable price.

This doesn’t mean that all stocks are liquid, as this will depend on the sector and the company itself, but generally the stock market is characterized by high market liquidity.


High volatility relates to assets whose prices fluctuate rapidly over a given period of time. This is often seen as a double-edged sword, since it can turn a trade into a very profitable gain, but also into a big loss.

In comparison to other markets such as commodities which are more static, stock trading can present numerous opportunities with some shares jumping considerably over market news.

Given that CFD trading shares can be bought and sold, even when markets crash, fluctuate or surge, there can be opportunity.

Benefits of Shares Trading


Ease of Buying and Selling

The stock market is one of the easiest markets to buy and sell assets. You can simply purchase shares through an online exchange, or speculate on their price movement through Nasdaqstockinvestmentprogram. Likewise, there is market liquidity, meaning shares are easily sold at any time.


Effect of Economic Growth

Corporate growth and earnings increase as the economy of that nation grows, which raises the prices of their shares. Nasdaqstockinvestmentprogram gives you access to 700 shares around the world, so you can benefit from the economic growth of various countries. Trading on shares from different locations allows you to diversify and prevent potential losses of any one stock.


Diversify Your Portfolio

Build and grow your portfolio with shares trading. Investing in different types of shares, offsets the risk of becoming too concentrated in one company while also allowing you to take advantage of growth in different sectors. Furthermore, it hedges any losses from other assets, as their value works independently from other markets.

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Rate of Return

The shares market is beneficial for short-term investors and has the ability to deliver a significant rate of return even over the course of one day, compared to other types of investment.


Investment Gains

Those interested in long-term investments can also benefit from shares trading, as the stock market tends to rise in value over time. Trading in companies that are known to be stable, allows you to easily grow your profits.


Payment of Dividends

You can benefit from potential dividend payments when share trading. Trading in shares means you own a fraction of a company’s earnings, so if they make a profit, you can earn a portion of that hrough dividends. However, with CFD trading you do not own the underlying share and have no access to this additional bonus.

Why trade shares with Nasdaqstockinvestmentprogram?


Intuitive. Slick and powerful.

Proprietary trading platform designed for traders of all levels, from complete beginners to pros.



€100 minimum deposit, no commission, no hidden fees and all charges clearly displayed in your account currency.



€100 minimum deposit, no commission, no hidden fees and all charges clearly displayed in your account currency.

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    Fund your account and start trading any of the commodities available in the platform. Nasdaqstockinvestmentprogram offers a total of 10 commodities.

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Share trading app

With Nasdaqstockinvestmentprogram you can trade shares on the go, wherever you are directly from your mobile or tablet device. Nasdaqstockinvestmentprogram Trader is our proprietary, state-of-the-art trading app through which you can access 700 stock CFDs.

Trade shares seamlessly and with ultrafast execution on Nasdaqstockinvestmentprogram’s user-friendly and intuitive trading app for an all round exceptional trading experience

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